What area of London do 40winks cover?

We are based in Crouch End, North London and we cover areas within a 6 mile radius of N8. 


How much space do I need to host a 40winks sleepover party?

It depends on the age of child. For smaller children you need a minimum of L143cm x W89cm x H111cm per tent, and for taller children, you need a minimum of L182cm x W91cm x H111cm per tent.


How do I prepare for a 40winks sleepover party?

Make sure you have measured the area where you want to host the party.  Once you are happy you have enough space, you need to clear the area of furniture in time for 40winks to arrive and set-up the party.


How long do I have the tents for?

The prices we quote are for one night and we generally set up early afternoon and collect the next morning.  However, we understand siblings might want to join in the action either the night before or night after, so for an additional charge we can extend the booking to two nights.


Can the tents be used outside?

Our tents are for inside only, please do not move them once they have been set up in your home.


How safe are 40winks tents?

We take pride in the safety of our tents, and all the frames and canopies are manufactured in the UK and independently CE tested. We also have public liability insurance.


Do I have to pay the full balance up front?

No. We ask you to pay a £50 non-refundable deposit when you book the party, and then pay the full balance 14 days before the party.


What if something gets damaged during the party?

We understand children get excited and spillages can occur and we will not usually charge for this, however we do ask for a £50 damage deposit in case of any permanent damage to our equipment. Once we have collected our equipment and checked that there is no damage we will deduct the cost of repair/replacement from the damage deposit before returning the remaining balance.

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