How are we managing COVID? 

First and foremost, we are still operating! However, at the moment we are only offering 'doorstep' sleepover packages whereby we deliver all the equipment for self assembly for a super fun sibling sleepover.  However, if all goes to plan, we will be back to normal as of 17 May 2021, when you can have up to six people in your household, and we will be allowed to come in and create the magical sleepover.

How does it work?

You book your party, telling us the date and theme you would like.  We then pack all the equipment into bags/boxes needed for that particular theme, and will deliver all the equipment (with masks) to your door.


How do we put the theme together?

We will provide you with clear instructions and photos of the final set up, and a list of all the items delivered.


What extra cleaning are you doing?

We have enhanced our cleaning procedures and all equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each party.


  • Fabrics and soft furnishings will be washed / steamed as recommended

  • Hard surfaces will be washed with hot soapy water and wiped with antibacterial detergent

  • Equipment that cannot be cleaned to the required level will not be supplied


We are no longer providing duvets and pillows. However, instead we are providing luxury fleece blankets and pillow cases for you to use on your own pillows.


The next day 

We ask you to pack all the bedding, cushions, tables into fastened bags, and the rest of the equipment into boxes provided.  The tents and mattresses should be placed into their specific bags, and everything should be put on your doorstep ready for collection in the morning.



Please let us know before the party if anyone has tested positive for Covid-19 or are presenting any symptoms in the run up to the party or during. In turn, we will also let you know if any members of our families become unwell with Covid-19 symptoms. We reserve the right to reschedule if any of these situations arise.